Misyon & Vizyon

Yazılım geliştirme ve teknik konularda hizmet üretmek amacıyla 2001 yılında kurulan şirketimiz faaliyetlerini Ankara'daki ofisinden sürdürmektedir. Firmamız, müşteri odaklıdır. Kullanıcıların talep ve beklentileri doğrultusunda Proje ve Ürünler geliştirmeyi hedefler. Sonuca odaklanır. Üründe ve hizmette kaliteden ödün vermez.

Faaliyet Alanlarımız

Document Management System

We provide services on issues such as document archiving, file sharing, document management and workflow with Trustee technology.

Responsive WEB Sitesi Tasarım ve Uygulama

Your site should be programmed in accordance with the words you want to appear on the first page on google. The visitors of your site should be able to easily perceive the message you want to give. You should be able to easily communicate with your company through your website. Your interactive forms should be able to deliver the necessary notifications to the right people. Your website should be able to be viewed from all web browsers in the same way without any problems. Your website should be easily accessible from mobile platforms. Web design work is as creative as it is important to make the necessary optimization work for fast loading.

Mobil Uygulama Geliştirme

Goldsoft Software; It produces mobile solutions on IOS, Android, Windows 10 and Java platforms. Considering the increasing use of internet and mobile technologies in human life, mobile applications are of great importance in terms of increasing the service quality provided by corporate companies to their customers.


İnteraktif Windows ve MAC Uygulamaları

Making a web "user-friendly", "ergonomic" and "to-the-point", showing content by compiling from the database according to the wishes of the visitor instead of ready and static pages, collecting data and "bench-marking" on your products and / or services and on your web are applications that allow you to make improvement studies.